Metacognition | Center for Teaching | Vanderbilt University

Metacognition | Center for Teaching | Vanderbilt University.

Nancy Chick writes about using Metacognition in the classroom, but her suggestions are also relevant for individual usage. Keeping a weekly, or bi-weekly (depending on the intensity of your research) reflective journal is as helpful for students as it is for faculty. The question that remains for me is how to walk the line between disclosure and privacy, particularly about research material and ideas.


Allen Report

Es importante notar que Alanna es la nieta del escritor e intelectual George Agustus Lockward Stamers de la comunidad de descendientes de los inmigrantes norteamericanos. Ella sigue en la tradición de su abuelo pero alcanzando nuevos peldaños con el uso sabio de los medios modernos de comunicación. Aquí se encuentra información de su proyecto sobre el legado de la comunidad histórica de AME en la Republica Dominicana. Este es un proyecto muy cercano al mío:

Alanna Lockward

The purpose of this documentary is to retrace the liberation legacy of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in three different locations united by common narratives related to struggles against enslavement and apartheid. The AME Mother Bethel Church was founded by Rev. Richard Allen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1794, as the first protestant church ministered exclusively by former enslaved people. It became a legally incorporated denomination in 1816. Upon the request of the Haitian government, The AME sent 6,000 individuals to the island of Saint-Domingue between 1824-1826, two decades after this first Black Republic in the world came into being. The Haitian Revolution is an integral part of the history of the AME in the island and it is also crucial to note that Richard Allen was deeply involved in the logistics of this immigration, the most important one of the XIX Century in Dominican history.


In 1946, Marcus…

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Letter: Response to ‘Weekly column promotes ignorance’ –

Letter: Response to ‘Weekly column promotes ignorance’ –

My letter to the editor.

I meant to be clear that satire and comedy are indispensable for sustaining a fair society, but as a laugh could help level power, it could also help in the opposite direction if steered toward marginalized people.

The original article, which attempted to produce laughs out of Puerto Rico‘s latest plebiscite, had the title of “Puerto Rico, America’s ugly stepchild” before the editors changed it on the online version.

Danny Mota’s response last week came from his heart, and as such is a good example of the effect this type of bad taste “satire” produces in others.

Both of our reactions did not attempt to address the issue of Puerto Rico’s status. Instead, it was about how “funny” can become “sour” when not meant for constructive criticism.

But perhaps we were not clear enough in saying that not all laughs are made the same. Our reactions to the article are not because hypersensitivity, but because we have seen where this path leads to.


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